Who I am

My name is Jan Škvařil. I am 27 years old professional programmer from Prague. I aim for perfection in every dimension of my life including my profession. My passionate attitude guarantees the highest possible quality of code in all the projects I work on.

In 2016 I graduated at faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University in Prague in the area of software systems. I focus on programming modern web applications in PHP and Javascript. Beside those languages I speak fluent C# and C++. Contact me if you want to cooperate on development of some project.


What I do

I offer programming of web or desktop applications and tutoring of math and programming in PHP or C#.

  • Programming

  • Math

  • Tutoring

  • Playing the piano


What I like

In my free time I like to play the piano, read, listen to music, spend time with my friends and beloved ones – probably in some cosy café – or do one of my favourite sports: football, cycling or squash.

Beside that I love travelling, exploring foreign countries, their specific cultures and beauties of nature. It is a perfect way to clean the head at least for a while.